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Marietta Makery FUNction Art & Design

Marietta Makery FUNction Art & Design

Art galleries/graphic arts

About Us

Marietta Makery is a collaborative art gallery and working artist studio. The Makery specializes in creative workshops, providing quality art supplies and handicraft kits and features FUNctional art and designs from artist from Marietta to London!


  • Art Gallery
  • Working Artist Studio
  • Creative Classes
  • Small Event Space
  • Art & Handicraft Supplies


Gallery Image 9E319894-BD43-4751-962A-CA8CB094ADEA.jpeg
Gallery Image 669E7767-CC9A-4F25-B8D8-F4A627CAD79A.jpeg
Gallery Image 7000562A-E089-49DF-B03C-F8DCF4447057.jpeg
Gallery Image 8B9EACA9-9B6B-42D0-8338-87A7A5B7F6F9.jpeg
Gallery Image E26E551A-74E9-4CAE-9FAC-B74DA3734A51.jpeg

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